Love is a Practice.

February is coming up, and I'd love to bring something to the conversation on the big subject of LOVE.

What if we thought about love more as something we practice rather than something that shows in up in our life or not? What if we thought of it more like something we nurture within ourselves, rather than something we get from others?
If love was within you and was only dependent on your own loving practice, wouldn't that be a kind of freedom? And also, a building block for everything else in your life?

Meditation is the perfect place to practice and nurture love in your life without risks. And when you plant enough love in your mind, it is easier to bring love to everything you do in your life. There'll always be a well of love within you at all times.

A lot of people, companies, and social media posts will be talking about love during the month of February. I'd like to invite you to transcend the superficiality of commercial love and find a more honest and deep experience thanks to this powerful love meditation I'll share with you.

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These meditations are suitable for any level of experience and will transform the way you think and understand how you love, yourself and others.

I can't wait to share them with you.
Much love,

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